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TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v6.01.1634

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TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v6.01.1634
TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v6.01.1634 英文正式版(標簽、封面設計、出版軟體)

Name: Twisted EndZ
Key: 11640079404073883375
SmartCodeStudio 是一款業界領先的標簽、封面設計、出版軟件。雖然功能強大可卻並
持,配合強大的設計性能,以及條形碼支持,使你使用直觀而高效!軟件廣泛支持 1D
和 2D 條形碼,包括無限制對 RSS,DataMatrix,PDF417 以及 UCC/EAN。設計過程中
SmartCodeStudio 內置了對它們的支持!
TechnoRiverStudio - Modern Barcode Software with RFID
(formerly SmartCodeStudio)

TechnoRiverStudio is the industry-leading label design, barcode
and printing software. It is feature rich and easy to use. With
comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities and
extensive barcode support, it is the ideal tool for the print
industry professionals. Whether you are printing hundreds or
thousands of labels per day, or having multitudes of different
printer types and label designs, TechnoRiver抯 state-of-the-art
auto identification software is field-tested to provide the
robustness necessary in meeting all the demands of your business

True WYSIWYG Label Design

TechnoRiverStudio provides you with a high precision view of you
label and total control of your label's appearance, including ba
codes, text, graphics, rich text and shapes. You can import
pictures from your scanner or camera and place them exactly wher
you want them to be. You抮e limited only by your boundless

Numerous 1D and 2D Bar Codes Support

TechnoRiverStudio supports nearly all the industries widely used
1D and 2D barcodes. Accuracy and quality are the two key aspects
of the bar code engine of TechnoRiverStudio that produces the
most recognizable barcodes in the industry.

Huge Label Stock Templates Database

TechnoRiverStudio offers a huge--one of the industry
largest!--and expandable Label Stock database. The Stock Databas
stores the dimensions of many different labels. This greatly
simplifies the task of label design. It does not stop here; othe
products like name cards, PVC cards, letters, papers and badges
are also supported as well. New label dimensions can also be
easily added and managed using the Label Manager and then
exported and shared with other TechnoRiverStudio users.

ID Cards Design

TechnoRiverStudio also provides advanced identity capabilities
including integrated photo and graphics management module for
creating identification cards. Design your company ID cards in

Print Time Data Entry

When creating documents, e.g. invoices, orders and shipping
labels, using a pre-designed, tested template while entering
portions of the data at print time is ideal. TechnoRiverStudio
allows this by providing powerful combination of static template
with Print -Time data entry dialog. Both text and barcodes in th
document can be configured to support print time data entry.

Database Support

TechnoRiverStudio reads from most database platforms such as
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, FoxPro, dBase, delimited text
files, ODBC DSN, OLE DB and many more. These database records ca
be used to generate barcodes or text fields on the labels.

Sophisticated Record Selection and Filtering

TechnoRiverStudio provides unmatched power and flexibility to
assist in the selection of records for printing. This ranges fro
the simplest search on a file, to UI-based records selection, to
the most sophisticated query statements.

Smart-Acquire Images

Insert acquired images from any TWAIN compatible device includin
digital cameras, scanners, and biometric devices into your
design. TechnoRiverStudio also includes an integrated
image-processing module to crop, flip, rotate and process
acquired images. These images can be added to the document desig

Modern User Interfaces

TechnoRiverStudio also has one of the most innovative and
intuitive user interfaces. You just want to print labels and you
don't want to spend too much time on it. It doesn't matter if yo
are a professional user with complex tasks or a desktop user.
With TechnoRiverStudio you will be able to solve your problems
quickly and you don't need extensive training to do it. The trul
unique "One Touch" objects toolbox gives you instant access to a
extensive set of shapes, text and bar code components. Simply
drag and drop the type of objects required and then customize as

Flexible Print Options

TechnoRiverStudio offers an extensive set of options for
printing. From selecting the start position of a label sheet, to
setting the quantity of labels to print by reading from a
database field, to selecting a range of database records, to
using filter and sort tools, nearly every conceivable option is
configurable in TechnoRiverStudio. Automatic printer detection
and configuration is provided, including paper bin detection.

Free Technical Support, Free upgrades for a year

TechnoRiver provides comprehensive support to our customers.
Registered users are entitled to free email, phone and fax
support. Users are also entitled to a 1 year free upgrade of the
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